Global real estate transnational sales assistant — UAgent, developed by the world's leading multinational real-estate internet platform. We are committed to providing a one-stop global marketing solutions for global real estate brokers and agents.

One-click publish listing, multipul way to connect with customers, shape the professional agent company image, UAgent helps users market globally.

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One Click Release and Global Promotion

  • List Projects:

    List a project in 3 minutes,

    synchronize 30 million platform real estate buyers worldwide with one click.

  • Publish Short Videos:

    Shoot project short video anytime,

    anywhere to show the selling points of the project vividly.

Signing Global High-Quality Projects

  • Through UAgent which tailored for global brokers and agents, users can get high-quality new real estate projects in 30 countries around the world. UAgent can encourage real estate transactions and help users earn commission.

Brokerage Colleage

  • Cooperated with world-renowned property association's broker university and it takes only 1 day to become an overseas real estate agent.