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Uoolu Global Selling Store provides a one-stop global marketing solution for agencies. It helps agencies expand their influence and sell properties all over the world with abundant functions.

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Why choose Uoolu Agency Store?

List your property easily
Provide efficient and convenient listing publishing function, and synchronize property information, videos and pictures to 135 national sites with 13 languages.
Expand your influence
Show the company profile and pictures, personalize the cover of the store, shape the professional brand image.
Easy to get customers
Provide diversified customer acquisition methods such as mail and online chats. Improve communication efficiency and reduce marketing costs.
Online CRM System
Provide professional business management background, manage customers online, view operation data of store and customer purchase analysis, etc.

Open the agency store, you are entitled to the following service

One-click publishing of listings/articles/videos/pictures, syncing to 135 national sites, covering 13 languages


Publish 50 resell property


Publish 100/month project articles


Publish 300 project pictures


Publish 50 project videos


Get customers with online IM tools and emails


Publish the company profile, personalize the store cover


Online viewing of store operation data


Management Agent Team

Use the seller's backend to easily sell property all over the world

The agency's backend is a comprehensive store management platform designed for agencies,
helping them manage store and agents online, enhance marketing effectiveness and use big data to support business innovation.




Store management

Opening store online, covering 13 languages, personalizing the online store.

Team Management

Assign the customer to the agent directly that obtained by the mailbox and online IM tools.


List property

Publish listings project updates video VR and articles to 135 national sites with one click

Data statistics

Real-time monitoring of selling store traffic and customer data intelligent generation of user image analysis.

They all opened agency store on Uoolu

At present, more than 500 agencies have established a close cooperative relationship with Uoolu.
We jointly develop the global real estate market and serve cross-border investment buyers.


Real estate agency in the USA

EPICOM Canada Co., Ltd.

Real estate agency in Canada

Fukaya Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Real estate agency in Japan

Jardin Global Holdings Pte Ltd

Real estate agency in Singapore

A great value annual package is available for you to selling property all over the world.

Tens of millions of international investors urgently visit your global selling store.

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