Global Selling Store developer version app is UDEVELOPER, a global real estate developer's transnational sales assistant., the world's leading multinational real-estate internet platform, helps global real estate developers to build global marketing and promotion industry technology solutions.

Real estate developers can open online stores to connect and communicate with multinational investment customers from 135 countries in 13 languages worldwide. This is the first step in building a global sales network and opening up the international market!

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Why Download UDEVELOPER?

One Click Release and Global Promotion

  • List Projects:

    List a project in 3 minutes,

    synchronize 30 million platform real estate buyers worldwide with one click.

  • List Updates:

    Official release of project engineering progress,

    market activities, sales progress, opening time, etc., to quickly promote to the world.

  • Take Short Videos:

    Shoot project short video anytime,

    anywhere to show the selling points of the project vividly.

Manage Clients

  • Real-time reminder:

    APP message real-time reminder to help you follow up customers quickly.

  • Real-time synchronization:

    Real-time synchronizing the leads of real estate buyers in various countries around the world with the platform.

  • Various way interaction with users:

    Email, IM chat, phone, SMS.

Analyze Data

  • Online Store Data:

    Online store standard traffic and customer dynamic data trends to help you analyze the status of online store operations.

  • Data Cube:

    We help developers analyze the needs of target users, analyze purchase intentions, quickly grasp the needs of users in the international market, and formulate precise marketing strategies.