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Uoolu Global Selling Store provides a cross-border marketing and trading solution for developers. It provides online trading service tools and powerful back-end data analysis to help developers get accurate customers and achieve intelligent marketing.

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Why choose Uoolu Global Selling Store?

GLOBALIZATION ONLINE Technological Intelligent


In line with the global trend of real estate investment Uoolu has launched an international website and APP covering 135 countries which will serve customers who buy cross-border properties. Developers can not only sell the property to Chinese buyers, but also to the rest of the world.


It provides developers with a professional merchant management system to improve customer conversion efficiency and reduce operating costs with online sales control online subscription online recruitment and online customer management.


Uoolu selling store applies VR technology to provide real and intuitive 360 ​​panoramic viewing experience for home buyers. The Project Smart Model is convenient for real estate display and sales control. Online IM chat tool improves sales efficiency.


It can monitor real-time traffic and customer data analyze user purchase intentions and behaviors. Data statistics will help developers better guide project sales and operations strategies.

Where can the buyers browse your property store?


Listing details page




Country/City Channel Homepage


Property list page


Property list page


Property list page

Property Store System Product

Property store system product is designed for developers to improve online management of stores and sales of real estate enhance marketing effectiveness and use big data to support business innovation.




Store management

Open store, manage store, update advertisements and achieve better marketing results.

Transaction management

It has realized core transaction management functions such as client management online sales control and online subscription.

List property

List property

Publish listings project updates video VR and articles to 135 national sites with one click

Data statistics

Real-time monitoring of selling store traffic and customer data intelligent generation of user image analysis.

They all opened global selling store on Uoolu

Uoolu selling store has covered the United States the United Kingdom Canada Thailand the United Arab Emirates and other countries with more than 200 cooperative developers.


Thailand's top three developer:It mainly focused on the development of apartments townhouses as well as independent villa projects.


The most recognized real estate development company in the world. It has created landmark projects in the Middle East, North Africa, the United States, Europe and South Asia, and is known for its quality and efficiency.


It is one of the largest and most authoritative builder and real estate company in the United States with projects in more than 50 cities in 18 states.


SMDC Group's sales revenue accounts for 5% of the Philippines' national GDP and is the Philippines' largest corporate group.

A great value annual package is available for you to selling property all over the world.

Tens of millions of international investors urgently visit your global selling store.

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